George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, Covid-19 and outcomes for BAME groups

Many of you have been contacting me about the death of George Floyd in the US, the Black Lives Matter campaign and outcomes for BAME groups.  Please be assured that I take your opinions on these matters very seriously indeed and your correspondence will be shared with the relevant Government depa

Public Service

No stranger to public service, Darren devoted 26 years of his life to our country with the Royal Air Force. His skills, loyalty and work ethic honed in the face of adversity will make him the perfect Member of Parliament to represent everyone in Broxtowe.

A Broxtowe Romance

Darren met the love of his life, Caroline, whilst living and working in the area during the 90s - Caroline was born and raised here, with the history of their family firmly rooted locally. Ever since first moving here, Darren has fallen in love with Broxtowe and its people.



Celebrating a 100th anniversary is an amazing achievement, and the history of our Royal Air Force is made up of just that.

Windrush Day

Today marks 70 years since the Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks. We will mark the contribution of the Windrush generation to British society and ensure their legacy will never be forgotten.