Henry VIII talk by Dr David Starkey compares Brexit to the Reformation

Dr David Starkey, the UK's leading constitutional historian, compares Brexit to the Reformation.

Last night David discussed the English King that everybody knows about, Henry VIII. It is 470 years since his death, however, the particulars of his reign prove ever-interesting, particularly in post-Brexit Britain - where startling comparisons can be made with the Reformation.

Henry VIII is the only king whose shape people remember. He bestrides our history like a colossus and the decisions he took still reverberate today. The Reformation is the first Brexit - his ministers devised the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty and his tumultuous personal life pitted religion against politics.

Darren said: “David Starkey drew on his unique knowledge of Henry VIII’s reign on the one hand, and his insights as a leading commentator on modern politics on the other, to illuminate both the Tudor age and our own.

It was fascinating to hear of  the patterns in politics that existed in Tudor times which translate to the very real challenges Britain faces today.’