Keep our economy strong

 Only the Conservative Party can keep our economy strong – and it’s only with a strong economy that we can achieve everything else we want to do as a country.

More nurses for New Cross Hospital

With a stronger economy due to the Conservative Party more nurses and midwives are being recruited at the New Cross Hopsital.

Every vote counts

Don't stand on the sidelines, let's give this all we've got. 

SNP Ransom note

Working people would pay the price with an SNP-led Miliband government. But you can stop that from happening, vote Conservative.

Why the Lollipop Lady is voting Conservative

‘I will be voting Conservative on May 7th because it’s only the Conservative party who believe those who work hard and do the right thing must be rewarded.'

The Conservative Manifesto Launch

Darren was at the launch the Conservative Party election manifesto this morning where the Prime Minister set out our commitments for the next five years.