Traffic Issues

The new 3.5 tonne limit signs were being put up in Shrewton on 15 Mar 17 which should help.

Do you think we need to do more about traffic in Shrewton?

The video may remind you of how traffic used to be here!

Keeping safe on our roads

Were you aware the Parish Steward Scheme is being reintroduced by Wiltshire Council?

Our Future Outside The European Union

Good to meet Lord Dobbs and discuss EU and Brexit... and of course House of Cards.

Also,  interesting new Research Briefing - Brexit : impact across policy areas

Wiltshire Broadband rollout

Darren believes the rollout of an improved Broadband service is pivotal in having a strong rural economy going forward. 

For Wiltshire Broadband rollout explained see the following link: 


Councillor Darren Henry, Shrewton Parish Council, meets with Lieutenant Colonel Eddie Grace, SO1 Redevelopment Outreach, Garrison Management Team, Royal School of Artillery

Community Speed Watch

Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon, Angus Macpherson said: “Community Speed Watch is about local volunteers driving down speed and driving up safety. They are getting involved with local policing matters and showing that speeding will not be tolerated in their area.

Shrewton Showcase

On Thursday 14th April, Shrewton Parish Council will be holding an event - 'SHOWCASE SHREWTON'. It will be a great opportunity to meet your Parish Councillors, get to know local businesses and to get the most out of our village!