Service Children's Conference 10th October 2014

DARREN HENRY, arranged the Andover Service Children’s Conference which took place on 10th October 2014 at the Upper Guildhall.

Councillor Geoff McBride, Chairman of the Andover Town Council, stated “…the Andover Town Council sponsored this great event aimed at bringing together leaders who, in their line of work, are responsible for the education and welfare of Service children in the Andover area. The ex-RAF squadron leader, Darren Henry, was chosen to lead the event as he successfully ran a similar conference in Norfolk when he was stationed at the Tornado base, RAF Marham”. 

Darren commented “…this conference was an excellent forum to discuss the effects of Service life on the development of children in military families.  It was an opportunity to share best practice on how Forces children can be supported particularly during the operational deployment cycle and when moving mid-academic year due to postings”.