Nottinghamshire Provided with £3.8 Million to Develop Local Covid-19 Action Plan to Keep the Virus Under Control

As part of this Government’s response to COVID-19, the Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, announced £300 million in funding for local authorities in England this week. This funding is designed to help develop tailored outbreak support plans, which will set out measures to identify and contain potential coronavirus outbreaks locally in places such as workplaces, housing complexes, care homes and schools. I pay tribute to everyone in Broxtowe that has been working tirelessly to help control the spread of coronavirus locally: healthcare professionals, volunteers, and individuals self-isolating, to name a few.  


From this generous pot of funding, Nottinghamshire will receive £3.8 million to develop and implement its plan, working closely with local NHS services, local public health Directors, as well as the new NHS Test and Trace Service to ensure it has sufficient resources to tackle the virus locally. This focus on local planning, preparation and prevention is a crucial component of the Government’s wider plan to tackle COVID-19. In particular, it will complement the national rollout of NHS Test and Trace, which the Government has confirmed has already tracked tens of thousands of contacts of people who have tested positive for coronavirus, and this will be a crucial way of starting to get society, in Broxtowe and beyond, back to some sense of normality.


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