On a mission to deliver for our community


Make no mistake, your Till and Wylye Valley Councillor is part of Wiltshire Council and must be your local champion at County Hall to best serve our community.  Vote for Darren Henry as he will not accept situations such as the length of time to replace the road barriers in Shrewton Village. 


To listen and understand the positives, the issues and concerns in our community so to protect things that are working well and resolve matters not working so well. Vote for Darren Henry who has learnt from his residents’ survey that we must retain support to our community volunteers who enrich our lives but act with greater rigour against people who ruin our community as they fly-tip or drop litter.


Darren Henry is able to bring to bear his energy, military and business experience and local family ties to tackle current and future challenges.  Priorities include: the impact to us of Army Rebasing; the need for affordable housing in the area; having a strong rural economy; securing the best social care; traffic and road maintenance.