Broxtowe: Not Forgotten

Broxtowe is perfectly placed within the country to be a hive of business, entrepreneurs and hardworkers. I will ensure the Conservative's pledge to cut business rates to 50% is honoured so that Broxtowe can thrive as a hub of industry.

Battle of Broxtowe

Make no mistake, to win the Broxtowe seat we Conservatives have a battle on our hands.  Darren Henry would bring to bear his energy, military and business experience to this campaign.

Young Conservatives

Young Conservatives has been formed to put young people at the heart of our campaign.

Young Conservative members are full members of the Conservative Party and are represented within the party associations.

Clamping down on rogue traders

Rogue traders often offer gardening, roofing or driveway work or maintenance services at initially cheap rates but the quality of work is substandard or unnecessary and the final price extortionate.

Commonwealth - #ThankYou100

During WW1 the Commonwealth answered the call with volunteers from far and wide including pre-partition India, the Caribbean and Africa, all of whom make up a vibrant part of our culture today.

National Democracy Week

The week will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act 1918 when the first British women over 30 (who met a property qualification) won the right to vote and the 90th anniversary of the Equal Franchise Act 1928 which granted equal voting rights to men and women.

Support for Swindon Conservatives

Darren Henry, said “I am delighted that the Conservatives kept control of Swindon Borough Council.  It was one of Labour’s top targets with Jeremy Corbyn and other Shadow Cabinet Ministers visiting several times.”