Beeston Station Accessibility Improvements Campaign

22nd April 2020 Update

I had a virtual meeting with Network Rail to talk about the work to make Beeston Station accessible for all local rail passengers. I spoke to Lisa Phillips, Network Rail’s lead for the project, Graham Taylorson, Buildings Senior Asset Engineer, and Joe Cookson, Senior Public Affairs Manager. We talked about the next steps for the work because the funding for the project has been confirmed. They told me that Network Rail are developing a series of options and will be engaging with local communities on those later this year. We agreed that any solution needs to have the support of the local community and decision-making needs to be done in partnership with passengers. As Network Rail is also planning improvements to the canopies and repairs to the staircase at Beeston Station, alongside a series of commitments by East Midlands Railway as part of their new franchise, I stressed that all this work should be conducted in a joined up way. This will make sure the investment is a catalyst for big improvements at the Station whilst minimising disruption for passengers. I will be in close contact with representatives from the rail industry to make sure we keep up the momentum to transform Beeston Station for the whole of our community. Here is a link to the Beeston Station Accessibility Improvements Campaign: beeston-station-accessibility-improvements-campaign

11th March 2020

Chris Heaton-Harris MP, the Minister of State for Transport mentioned my lobbying for accessibility improvements at Beeston Station in Parliament. He is  right - I have been breathing down his neck about this, for some time now! See video here

Recently Grant Shapps announced a £20 million funding boost for accessibility improvements for 124 stations across the country - I was disappointed that Beeston Station in Broxtowe had not been selected as one of the stations, as it needs investment in accessibility.

Therefore, I wrote to Chris Heaton-Harris MP, the Minister of State for Transport responsible for Rail. I asked for a meeting to discuss this situation, as we deserve the funding to improve passenger journeys for those that find it difficult to use stairs.

I then met with Chris to continue putting forward this case, and I was reassured that all will be done to make sure that Beeston Station is not forgotten. As promised during my campaign, I will always champion Broxtowe and what it needs.

Today I welcomed news that that Beeston Station will receive funding for accessibility improvements in the Budget.

This is a part of the Conservative Government’s Budget that was delivered earlier today by the Chancellor. Beeston Station is one of 12 stations across the country that will be benefitting from £50 million of upgrades. This is showing that this government is a People’s Government, delivering a Budget that gets things done. 

These improvements are to create access to station entrances and platforms without any obstacles, making journeys for all passengers easier, especially those that might be disabled, with health conditions, or parents with pushchairs. 

This comes after the announcement on the 26th of February by the Secretary of State for Transport, where 124 stations would receive £20 million of Access for All funding, and Beeston station was not included.