I understand concerns about the protection and health of British waters and I understand the impact that super trawlers have on marine life. Our waters must be managed sustainably and carefully. A balanced approach that protects the future of communities that earn their livelihoods from the sea and the biodiversity of the ocean is essential.  
The UK has 357 Marine Protected Areas covering a quarter of the country’s waters but the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy currently restricts our ability to impose more stringent protections on our seas. After the end of the transition period, however, the UK will be able to introduce stronger measures so that we can manage our waters as we see fit. 
The Fisheries Bill currently going through parliament will help to protect our marine resources and develop plans to restore our fish stock back to more sustainable levels. This builds on a manifesto commitment which promised to introduce a legal commitment to fish sustainably as we become and independent costal state once again.

EXPIRES 18.12.20