More police on the beat in Broxtowe to keep our streets safe

Inspector Simon Riley, the Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for Broxtowe Borough, and I speak regularly, and he has my full support in enforcing the rules to ensure people stay at home, so we can protect the NHS and save lives.

I am delighted that police ranks in Nottinghamshire have been bolstered with an additional 95 officers since the Government launched its major recruitment drive in September 2019 - meaning more police on our streets to cut crime and keep us all safe.

Inspector Simon Riley said “we are already reaping the benefits of the increased recruitment and the uplift in officer numbers. Several student officers have joined the Response teams at Broxtowe since the uplift began, with 4 new students joining us from Force Training School in the last month alone.  I am expecting that we will see further additions over the coming year.  In addition to this we will be getting an additional team of a Sergeant and 6 constables under the 'Operation Reacher' programme, following the success of Reacher teams in Bestwood and Gedling.  The extra officers have been most welcome as we confront the policing challenges provided by the Coronavirus pandemic." 

At this time of national emergency, these additional officers have never been so important.  Alongside new recruits, the Government has also taken further action to support the Police’s coronavirus response.  This includes testing for all essential workers, police officers and support staff.  There is also a relaxation of tax rules to encourage officers nearing retirement and those recently retired to serve on and the unlocking of £84 million for police forces to use in the fight against coronavirus.