Reporting on Country Show

Just for fun I had a go at radio presenting with BBC Radio Gloucestershire at the Stroud Country Show - looking forward to going live next time.

Update on Salisbury Plain Fire

Residents of Shrewton and Tilshead have been contacting me regarding concerns of smoke from fires on Salisbury Plain Training Area.  I have been busy asking questions and please see the following response below:


Celebrating a 100th anniversary is an amazing achievement, and the history of our Royal Air Force is made up of just that.

Windrush Day

Today marks 70 years since the Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks. We will mark the contribution of the Windrush generation to British society and ensure their legacy will never be forgotten.


My link to the Windrush generation

For those who feel the need to put me in a box - I am British Afro-Caribbean with my Dad from Jamaica and Mum from Trinidad & Tobago.  My parents came to England in the 1960s and so are from the Windrush generation.

Housing help for military veterans in Wiltshire

Issues raised at Darren Henry's Councillor Advice Surgery has highlighted the need to support military veterans locally.  Wiltshire has a proud history of working with the military and supporting a positive discharge plan for those leaving the Forces and settling in to civilian life.  There is no

New Road Signs

Landmarc were able to respond to the concerns of local residents by sponsoring road signs to direct military vehicles to the Southern Transit Route on Salisbury Plain

Darren Henry, Councillor for Till and Wylye Valley commented: