Young people from Amesbury Area share their views at special event

Young people have been sharing their views on the challenges and opportunities growing up in Wiltshire at a special event this week.


Approximately 100 pupils from Stonehenge School and Avon Valley College were joined by members of Wiltshire Council’s Amesbury Area Board, Wiltshire Police and other professionals for interactive sessions on cyberbullying, keeping safe, diversity, volunteering, mental health and leisure.


The event provided an opportunity to hear young people’s views and ensure their thoughts and ideas are shared with the wider community and acted upon.

Darren Henry, chair of the area board’s Local Youth Network (LYN) set up the event with young people from the LYN suggesting the themes. From the event’s feedback Amesbury Area Board will identify Local Youth Network needs, priorities and outcomes.


He said: “Everyone of all ages has a role to play in building a strong community and this was a great way of ensuring we take young people’s views into account. The young people put forward the topics and now we will be discussing the views expressed