Time for change

Polling Day in 4 weeks’ time.

You will have your chance to decide who becomes your Wiltshire Councillor for Till and Wylye Valley. 

Your vote could not be more important.  Your next councillor will need to rise to the many challenges and pressures brought about by more people and vehicles in the area due to changes such as the Army Basing Programme and the dramatic increase in traffic through our villages.

I am standing to be your Councillor in Till and Wylye Valley where my family has made our home. 

If you vote for me I will bring to bear my energy, military and business experience to tackle current and future demands.  Priorities include: the need for affordable housing in the area; having a strong rural economy; securing the best social care; traffic and road maintenance.

I have been delighted with the response I have received to my positive campaign.  It has been very encouraging to meet hundreds of residents who have promised me their vote.

Together we can get things done for our community