SNP Ransom note

Yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon launched her manifesto for the Scottish National Party. It was a ransom note, a demand for £148 billion more borrowing, with the burden falling heavily on working people in England and Wales. Her key point was very simple. She said: Labour are going to be absolutely crushed in Scotland – meaning Ed Miliband cannot get into Downing Street unless he does a deal with her and the Scottish Nationalists. And she was clear about something else too: the price tag.

Wolverhampton NE, you would pay the price for a Labour-SNP deal, with higher taxes and less financial security.

Darren commented ‘I don't want to see my children forced to grow up in a broken up, divided United Kingdom, where our Union with Scotland has been ripped apart. And I don’t want our Government to rack up more debts than future generations can ever hope to repay.

Help us to stop that disaster and to secure a brighter future for our country, by voting Conservative you can help us win with a Conservative majority.’