SHREWTON MILITARY LIAISON REPORT - 1 JUNE 2016 Councillor Darren Henry , Shrewton Parish Council, meets with, Lieutenant Colonel Eddie Grace, SO1 Redevelopment Outreach, Garrison Management Team, Royal School of Artillery

Future military liaison contact should be between Councillor Darren Henry (Darren), Shrewton Parish Council, and Lieutenant Colonel Eddie Grace, SO1 Redevelopment Outreach, Garrison Management Team, Royal School of Artillery.  This includes traffic issues involving Army vehicles that might otherwise be directed to Salisbury Plain Training Area staff.  This way one point of contact is achieved. 

Visit to Larkhill

Eddie hosted Darren on a visit of the Garrison at Larkhill on Tuesday 17 May 2016.  The plans for technical, headquarters and training buildings, single living and Service family accommodation related to the Army Basing Programme affecting Larkhill were discussed.  Mention was made of the Royal Review Visit to Larkhill as a closed ticket event, the 300th Anniversary of the Royal Artillery (RA), on Thursday 26 May 2016. 

Army Basing Programme

Figures have been reviewed by the MOD since the Government’s Army Basing announcement in March 2013 and as the relocations draw nearer the net addition of Service personnel is expected to be circa 4,000 with an increase in population of circa 7,000.  Three major applications for Service Family Accommodation (SFA) housing developments have been submitted by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) across Bulford, Ludgershall and Larkhill.  In Larkhill, the only new building work planned South of the Packway will be a combined medical and dental centre with some improvements made to the existing Larkhill Primary School.  Plans were being made for circa 440 new SFA quarters to be built at Salisbury Plain Centre which is to the Eastern edge of Larkhill Garrison adjacent to the Stonehenge Golf Centre.  The transfer and expansion of St Michael’s Primary School from Figheldean to Larkhill, adjacent to the proposed SFA development site, is planned for the summer 2018.  The success of the Larkhill development is critical to the Army Basing Programme. Additional field regiments and expanded Unmanned Air Systems and RA training school are anticipated.  The main entrance to the Garrison will be moved from the current Easterly Visual Control Point (VCP) to a Westerly VCP off the Packway to better facilitate access for the increased number of field regiments.  The Army Basing Programme at Larkhill, including the access amendments, will undoubtedly increase traffic through Shrewton Village to a degree but the main and dramatic increase in traffic on the Packway will likely be from the Eastern approach to the SFA from the A338 and Durrington.  

Darren Henry