Securing a better future for Britain

There is still more to do, but if we keep working through our long-term economic plan, we can secure a better future for Britain.

A future where:

·         Hardworking families have the reward of A MEANINGFUL JOB AND A DECENT STANDARD OF LIVING - beacuse our taxes are low and our debts being paid off.

·         PEOPLE WHO WORK HARD AND DO THE RIGHT THING can get on in life, with access to good services and a decent quality of life.

·         Hardworking taxpayers have the security of OWNING THEIR OWN HOME and the FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE TO ENJOY RETIREMENT.

·         OUR ECONOMY HAS STABILITY, so people aren't afraid of losing their job, their home or their savings.

·         Our education system HELPS OUR CHILDREN REACH THEIR POTENTIAL and succeed in life.

·         Britain stands even taller in the world, a STRONGER COUNTRY, a PROUDER NATION.