Nominate NHS Workers

Today marks the 72nd birthday of our National Health Service. It goes without saying that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in the organisation's history with COVID-19 creating a global health emergency on a scale not seen for a century.

The NHS responded swiftly and flexibly to deal with the pandemic and staff – present, past and future – have had to come together as never before, supported by volunteers and the general public. The nation owes a debt of gratitude to the 1.3 million-strong army of nurses, midwives, doctors, physios, pharmacists, healthcare and maternity care assistants, porters, cleaners, and countless other staff who ensured no patient who could benefit from NHS care was unable to receive it.

The selflessness, dedication, and skill of the professionals within the NHS is an inspiration to us all and the NHS Parliamentary Awards are an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution of NHS staff. As the Member of Parliament for Broxtowe, I can put forward one nomination for each award category (listed below), and in order to do this, I need your help! Singling out those who have made the greatest contribution may seem like an impossible task, but this is exactly what we are asking you to do. 

The Categories are:

  • The Excellence in Healthcare Award
  • The Excellence in Mental Healthcare Award
  • The Excellence in Urgent and Emergency Care Award
  • The Excellence in Primary Care Award
  • The Future NHS Award
  • The Health Equalities Award
  • The Care and Compassion Award
  • The Wellbeing at Work Award
  • The NHS Rising Star
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award

Find out more about each individual category here.

How Does the Nominations Process Work?

1. If you have in mind NHS staff in Broxtowe that you would like to nominate for the NHS Parliamentary Awards fill in the form below.

2. After all nominations in Broxtowe have been received, one nomination in each category will be put forward to receive an NHS Parliamentary Award.

Deadline for nominations: Wednesday 18th August 11:59 pm

Nomination Form for NHS Parliamentary Awards

  • 1 Current: Nominee and Award Details
  • 2 Your Nomination
  • 3 Your Nomination: The Lifetime Achievement Award & NHS Rising Star Award ONLY
  • 4 Validate Nomination
  • 5 Your details
Please enter the details of the most appropriate person to contact should this nomination be successful. If you are nominating a team, please add the details for one person within that team.