More nurses for New Cross Hospital

The Conservative party believes the NHS should be valued, protected – and improved. We know that you can only have a strong NHS if you have a strong economy.

Darren said ‘Since 2010, there are nearly 9,500 more doctors in the NHS, over 6,900 more nurses and more than 2,100 more midwives in the NHS. In fact The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust is having a nurses recruitment day at New Cross Hospital on Saturday 25th April, which is aiming to employ more skilled nurses and midwives.

Also the Conservative government is aiming to improve GP access so everyone will be able to see a GP seven days a week by 2020. We are already helping more than 1,000 GP practices see patients at a time convenient to them.’

We have been able to fund an extra £2 billion for frontline NHS services in 2015/16. As our economy continues to grow we will be able to put at least an extra £8 billion in real terms into the NHS to fully fund the Five Year Forward View. This has only been possible because Labour won’t commit to this plan showing that they have no real plan to build an NHS of the future.

Only a Conservative Government can deliver the NHS’s vision of a better health service for you and your family. We will have increased spending on the NHS by over £7 billion over five years. This has helped deliver thousands more doctors, nurses, GPs and midwives, who are treating patients in cleaner, safer hospitals.