Meet Jacqui

Local Community Engagement Managers (CEM's) facilitate and enable closer working between the Council, the community and Area Boards - Jacqui Abbott is our CEM.

What is an Area Board

The area boards are a way of working to bring local decision making back into the heart of the community. Area Boards are not like old fashioned council meetings and there are lots of opportunities for local people to get involved. Meetings take place locally once every 8 weeks. Between meetings task groups consisting of local people, Wiltshire Council staff and councillors tackle issues and find solutions to take forward at the next Area Board. A key role of the Area Boards is to provide grants to community groups and youth funding in partnership with the local youth networks - Darren is the Chairman of the Amesbury Area Local Youth Network. . 

Report an issue

Is there an issue affecting your community that needs to be addressed? Would you like to change something about where you live? Do you think something could be done better?

One of the key roles of the Area Boards is to help local people find solutions to things that are complex or non-routine and affect the community as whole - not simply a few individuals. For the majority of routine problems, the Council can respond directly and this is the best place to start for most problems that are likely to affect you.