Keep our economy strong

Only the Conservative Party can keep our economy strong – and it’s only with a strong economy that we can achieve everything else we want to do as a country.

The next Conservative Government will build on a record that has already seen 2 million more people in worktaxes cut for over 26 million people and the deficit down by more than half. In our first 100 days, the bills we introduce to Parliament will include: 


1.     A bill to legislate for a permanent Tax-Free Minimum Wage. Ensuring people working 30 hours full-time on the Minimum Wage pay no Income Tax, permanently by 2020.  


2.     A bill for jobs and apprenticeships. Creating 3 million more apprenticeships, paid for by reducing the benefit cap to 23,000 and ensuring young people are earning or learning.


3.     A bill for small business and enterprise deregulation. This will support our aim to make Britain the best place in Europe – and one of the top five worldwide – to do business by 2020, and to help create 2 million more jobs over the next five years.


4.     A bill to double free childcare to 30 hours a week. Doubling free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds to 30 hours a week from April 2017 – worth £5,000 a year to working parents.


5.     A bill to deliver better schools. Ensuring more children are taught in good or outstanding schools by introducing new powers to force coasting schools to accept new leadership.


6.     A housing bill that will extend the Right to Buy. Extending the Right to Buy to 1.3 million housing association tenants so more people have the security of owning their home to raise their family.


So together we can see through the tasks we have already begun.