Improving Roads

As we all know, many of our local roads and pavements need improving.

Working with local residents in Till and Wylye Valley we are helping to make our journeys safer by filling in potholes and resurfacing dangerous cracks. But there is more to do!

Next week work will start on resurfacing A360 Shrewton between the junction with B390 Chitterne Road and the junction with Rollestone Road.

Residents have been in touch with concerns so here are answers to Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are these roadworks for?

These works involve the repairs to the existing carriageway, the installation of new road markings and the adjustment of surface ironwork.

2. When will this be happening?

The works will commence on Tuesday 28th May 2019 and will be completed by Friday 14th June 2019 during weekdays only between the hours of 07:00 and 18:00, however, on occasions they may overrun due to uncontrollable circumstances such as plant breakdowns, if weather conditions are unfavourable, or occasionally we discover the need for additional repairs once the work has started.

3. Which stretch of road will be done when?

See below A360 Shrewton Site Phasing Plan.  The work is broken down into three phases: Tuesday 28th May to the morning of Monday 3rd June Resurfacing Chitterne turn to mini roundabout; Monday 3rd June to Tuesday 11th June Resurfacing Parsons Green to Rollestone Road; Wednesday 12th June to Friday 14th June overall scheme ironwork and road marking.

4. How will I get access to my house?

There will be gatemen on-site at all times whilst the closure is on, there will also be people on-site who can advise of the works for each day if the residents and businesses need access / egress for specific purposes they are free to consult with the on-site team who will be happy to assist.

For clarification there may be times when access cannot be given due to the works being carried out, there may be a large opening in the road or the surface may be cooling (approximately two hours), the restriction to access will be periodic and where ever possible the works team will assist.

5. What about 'rat running' traffic?

We will be erecting 'Unsuitable for A360 diverted traffic' signs on the following locations -

  *   A360/ Elston Lane junction;
  *   London Road/ High Street/ Elston Lane junction;
  *   B3086/ Packway junction.
This will limit the disruption through these areas.

In addition, there will be gatemen in place at the hard closures, we will also have an extra two gatemen that will be in place at the junction with Elston Lane on the High Street and at the junction with the A360.

6. What about the bus service?

Salisbury Reds have posted a notice last week regarding the Salisbury to Devizes Bus Route 2 while the re-surfacing of the A360 occurs. From 3rd June to 14th June buses will not be travelling from Winterbourne Stoke to the village along Salisbury Road and the A360, but will instead be going up the A303 to Longbarrow, then straight on at Airman's Corner, and left onto The Packway. They will then go down London Road and back up the High Street (turning in the Highfield Rise bellmouth) and continue on their usual route. Southbound buses will do the exact opposite. 

The detail is here:

7. Why is there a temporary road closure, could half the road be done at a time?

Due to the nature of the works and the local environment, the works will be carried out within a temporary road closure to ensure that adequate health and safety is maintained for the contractor and local residents.

The resurfacing works require some remedial patching, this is quite deep in places and half - full width we had considered restricted days working on this scheme but due to the fact that we have to open up the road reinstate and make safe within a limited time window the works could have taken up to six weeks to complete (the surface material needs to cool for up to two hours before it is trafficked) having a full day means that the works can cover a greater area and still have time to make safe and cool before opening up to the public.

Local residents had talked about working under lights and doing one side at a time with smaller plant, unfortunately we are governed by the Streetworks Act, that dictates the safe working zones and the minimum widths of carriageways that need to remain open for the safe passage of vehicles around the works. It also ties us to a maximum distance. Traffic would still rat run as queues for the lights would undoubtedly be lengthy. We have looked at the options and a closure is the only option that is available to us under the Act.

As a note, if we used smaller plant the works we would still need a closure as there would be an area in the centre of the road that would need to be treated, and it would take an extra week at least.

Please see below the relevant guidance in the code of practice.

8. What about local businesses?

Signage will be in place advising that local businesses will be open as usual.  A letter drop was undertaken to all the residents located within the site extents on Tuesday 7th May. Please see copy of letter below.

9. What about getting to school?

With regards to school traffic, Wiltshire Council Passenger Transport are aware of the issue and have written to the schools to let them know of any changes. In addition, the work will be phased to minimise disruption and allow as much access as possible.  Some of the work will take place during school holidays.

10. How do I get further information?

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me - email .

If you wish to discuss the works whilst they are in operation, please speak to a member of the workforce who will direct you to the appropriate person.





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