Hustings at Fordhouses

On April 11th Darren joined the other Parliamentary Candidates for Wolverhampton North East for a hustings event organized by Rev.Stephen G. Jackson on behalf of Churches together in Fordhouses Oxley and Pendeford.

One was of the questions asked by the audience was would the candidates comment on spending 2 percent of GDP on Defence.

This topic is particularly close to Darren’s heart having completed many years of military service. 

Darren stated “protecting Britain’s national security and the safety of British people at home and abroad is a duty the Conservatives take seriously.  We are currently meeting the 2 percent NATO spending target and will do so again for 2015/ 16. Decisions about future spending will be made as part of the next Spending Review, as they always are.  By having a strong economy we will ensure we can maintain strong capable Armed Forces that are properly equipped and supported.  This gives the British people peace of mind knowing that our national security and overseas interests are properly protected.”

No other candidate would say their party had a plan over the 2 percent commitment.