Help to improve school buildings


Darren Henry has welcomed the news that Woden Primary School and Berrybrook Primary School will both receive funding to improve its school buildings. This is part of an extra £367 million that the government has allocated for investment in buildings at over one thousand schools across the country. The condition improvement fund targets schools that need additional money for repairs, or to help them expand.

This money will be used to ensure that Woden Primary School and Berrybrook Primary School have the facilities to deliver the best education, so that pupils can fulfil their potential and get on in life.

Investment in the schools is key to our long-term plan for education - our aim is that every child will have a good-quality place in a local school. As part of this, £18 billion has been made available for investment in schools in England over this Parliament - more than double the amount Labour spent in its first two terms combined.

Darren Henry commented:

‘Families in Wolverhampton North East deserve local schools with facilities that provide the best learning environment. These funds will be used by Woden Primary School to improve their kitchen facilities and Berrybrook Primary School need roofing and associated works.’

‘It is great news that, thanks to the difficult decisions this Government has taken to deal with our deficit, it has been possible to fund this boost for these two schools and address the needs of our children.’

‘As part of our long-term economic plan, we are delivering the best schools and skills for young people, with a million more children in schools rated good or outstanding than 2010. This announcement means that pupils in Wolverhampton North East will feel the direct benefit of our plan, and will get the investment in their education that they deserve.’

Pictured with Darren at Berrybrook Primary School is Andrew McNeil, Prospective Conservative Councillor for Oxley Ward.