Delivering our manifesto commitments

The Conservative Party are determined not to waste a second in delivering our manifesto commitments.

So since the election, we have:

  • Brought forward plans to help families who want to work hard and get on by giving 30 hours' free childcare to working parents of three- and four-year-olds
  • Announced new plans to turn all failing schools into Academies and to make sure all children study key academic subjects, so they get the skills they need
  • Carried on backing businesses so they can keep creating jobs - with 2 million more people in work since 2010
  • Announced important measures to cut down on waste in the NHS, so that every penny goes on getting patients the best possible treatments
  • Continued to help people secure a home of their own, with over 100,000 families now helped onto the housing ladder through our Help to Buy scheme
  • Introduced the Referendum Bill to Parliament to give everyone in Britain a say before the end of 2017

We will keep working through our plan to create more security and opportunity in our country - and, with your help, we can secure a brighter future for everyone in Britain.

So if you’re not already a Member, please join the Conservatives today - and together, we can build something special in this country.