Conservatives will help to deliver 214 new homes on redundant government land in Wolverhampton

Darren Henry has welcomed new figures showing that Conservative efforts to get redundant and surplus public sector land brought back into use will help to deliver 214 homes in Wolverhampton.

Across the country enough surplus public sector land, that was lying unused and idle, has now been sold off to allow the building over 100,000 new, good quality homes. These are brownfield sites that were derelict and run-down, meaning that redeveloping these sites will improve the local area and create new jobs and opportunities in the construction industry.

This is just the beginning, with plans to release enough surplus and redundant land over the next five years to build a further 150,000 new homes. And we now want councils to follow the Government’s example and start releasing their surplus land to get more homes built.

This is part of the Conservative’s long-term economic plan that is getting Britain building again, with more homes now being built than at any time since 2007.  

Darren Henry commented:

‘Conservatives believe that everyone who works hard should be able to have a home of their own. But when we came to office in 2010, for many people that was nothing more than a pipe dream.

‘That’s why, as part of our long-term economic plan, we have worked to get Britain building again. This has included selling off surplus and redundant public sector land. As a result, there is now the opportunity to build 214 new homes on brownfield sites here in Wolverhampton.

‘Every new home that is delivered in Wolverhampton means one more family able to find a good quality, affordable place to live where they can plan for their future with greater security and peace of mind.’

 ‘I now urge the council to work with local communities to develop these brownfield sites in a way that is appropriate, with good quality designs and development that is sensitive to the local area.’