Broxtowe Bicycle Survey

I have noticed cycling becoming more popular over the past few years and during the lockdown I heard stories of bicycle shops running low on stock due to a surge in demand as people donned a helmet and cycled for the first time, by themselves or with their families. This is something to be welcomed as cycling is a fantastic way to explore Broxtowe and the surrounding areas in an environmentally friendly way while improving physical health, mental health and having fun!

There are many existing initiatives that people interested in cycling can take advantage of: 

Given the significant interest in cycling, I would really appreciate it if you could fill in the short survey below to help me gauge the opinion of local people. Whether you are a professional cyclist or someone that purchased a bicycle for the first time during the COVID19 pandemic, please do let me know your thoughts and share the survey with people you know!


Bicycle Survey

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Do you own a Bicycle?
What are your main reasons for cycling? (You may select more than one option)
Would you be Interested in Attending a 'Bike Coding' Event to Help Keep Your Bike Safe from Theft?
The Government is launching a 'Fix your Bike' Voucher Scheme that allows people to receive a voucher up to £50 towards the cost of repairing a bike. Would you be interested in this scheme?