Airman's Cross Remembrance

The Airman's Cross near Stonehenge was erected in memory of two pioneer airmen, Captain Eustace Loraine and Staff Sergeant Richard Wilson, who were killed in a flying accident near Stonehenge in 1912. In 1911, shortly before the creation of the Royal Flying Corps (active from 1912 to 1918), military flying had begun in the area around Stonehenge as the open grassland was particularly suitable for flying early aircraft. Loraine and Wilson were flying a Nieuport monoplane from Larkhill Airfield, north of Stonehenge, on a routine training flight on 5 July 1912, when the aircraft crashed.

Wiltshire Councillor, Squadron Leader (Retired) Darren Henry, said

"I was honoured to be asked to lay a wreath today at Airman's Cross by Maureen Hansford, Branch Chairman, Shrewton Royal British Legion."