Darren's Update Wed 18th March 2020

Dear people of Broxtowe,

As you are aware, I am here to serve all of you in Broxtowe and even more so in a time of a public health emergency. I appreciate that the pandemic will concern residents of Broxtowe and particularly we worry for your loved ones and rightly so. The Government will take all the necessary steps in order to protect everyone based on the latest scientific advice. 

My role is to serve you. I am currently here in Westminster and I thought that I should keep in more regular contact with you all during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Therefore, I will be writing an update to you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My number one priority is to protect life in Broxtowe and the nation’s public health. We must ensure that the NHS and social care staff are supported to deal with significant extra pressure.

I will work tirelessly both here in Westminster and in Broxtowe. I have received numerous letters, emails and social media messages asking for my help and information about the coronavirus. Please be assured that all my staff members and I are working flat out for you and your loved ones and coronavirus correspondence has been prioritised. 

I will be serving Broxtowe residents in Parliament. Nygel Stevenson of Madhatters tearoom in Kimberley contacted me to find out more information on how he can gain access to the small business grant that was recently announced. With this question from Nygel in mind, I asked the Chancellor (Rishi Sunak), in the House of Commons during yesterday’s (17th of March) Economic Update, about how small business can access the funds. Here is my question and the Chancellor’s response:

Me: ‘Small businesses in my constituency will welcome their eligibility for grants of £10,000, up from £3,000 last week. How will they receive information on how to gain access to those funds, if, indeed, they qualify?’

The response by to my question by the Chancellor was: ‘If those businesses are already receiving small business rate relief, that will be known to the local authorities, which will shortly be writing to them to request their financial details so that they can process the grant payments. If businesses have not heard in short order, they can get in touch with their local authorities.’

I will continue to ask questions in Parliament that are important to you and your family as I have done for Nygel. 

It is also a time to be community minded and to help the most vulnerable people in our villages and towns across Broxtowe. The residents of Broxtowe already understand this point which is a great credit to the character of the residents of Broxtowe. I am deeply impressed by how many people have already volunteered to support others throughout our community. We in Broxtowe are an innovative bunch and have been pulling volunteers together including using WhatsApp and creating social media groups. There are also Mutual Aid groups in Beeston, Chilwell, Kimberley and Stapleford and, I will take a lead, along with Broxtowe Borough Council, in assisting local volunteers across Broxtowe. I will also be turning my website into a one-stop-shop for all COVID-19 information and updates, which you can access via this link: https://www.darrenhenry.org.uk/coronavirus

I am here to help and serve you and your loved ones. 



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