Coronavirus: Community Support


In these very challenging times it is a credit to our community to see the number of people actively seeking to help others and support their neighbours. If you're seeking help, or if you are looking to offer it, there are a number of Facebook groups I am aware of where these discussions are taking place.

More formal arrangements will come in to play too and we are looking at how we can best target and mobilise public sector networks, but these groups are a good place to start if you want to offer to help or to find support.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mutual Aid Groups in and around Broxtowe:

The information in this list was taken from Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK, a group of volunteers supporting local community groups organising mutual aid throughout the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK. This list was accurate at 9am on 17 March 2020.

Beeston and Chilwell ​​​

Kimberley ​​​​​

Stapleford ​​ Mutual Aid ​​

​​​Community ​​

​​​Helping Hand ​​


Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK and local support groups are not directly affiliated with Darren Henry, MP.

Due to the diverse nature, status and health conditions of all individuals, it is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of information provided by the groups named in the above list and to verify and decide on the suitability of any advice given by them to you.