Zac Goldsmith for Mayor of London.

The elections on Thursday 5 May are an opportunity to say ‘yes’ to a strong team who will get things done and provide quality local public services.

A vote for the Conservatives is saying ‘yes’ to a government that is delivering for millions of people who work hard, pay their taxes, and save for a better life. And ‘Yes’ to a party that understands the threats we face and is determined to pass on to the next generation a world that is safer and more secure.

So if you want a greater Britain, vote Conservative tomorrow.

Zac Goldsmith for Mayor of London.

Boris has put London back on the map – it’s the most important city in the world with an economy of £600 billion. London needs a Mayor who has a plan to secure and widen London’s prosperity so that it benefits all Londoners. Our capital is too important to be used as a four year experiment.

But this is exactly what you would get with Sadiq Khan, who backed Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader and would do so again. He’ll experiment on and wreck London just like he experimented with Jeremy Corbyn and wrecked the Labour Party. All Khan’s policies are a dangerous Corbyn experiment – like his £1.9 billion transport black hole, his fantasy housing targets that will stifle housebuilding, and his plan to give in to union demands.

Zac is standing up for Greater London – just like he has already stood up for the people of Richmond. Only Zac can work with the Government to secure the funds and powers needed to deliver his Action Plan for Greater London – meaning more homes, better transport, cleaner air and safer streets. He’s already protected the police budget, secured money for first time buyers, and won new legislation to limit tube strikes. Let’s not experiment with London’s future, let’s stand for a Greater London.