Fur Trade

I am proud that we have some of the highest welfare standards in the world. In addition to fur farming being banned in the UK, I am pleased to note that the import of fur products is tightly regulated. It is illegal to import furs derived from cats or dogs, or products made from them. In addition, the fur and skin of endangered animals or fish cannot be imported without a valid permit.

Moreover, it is illegal to import furs of fur products from 13 wild animal species from countries where they are caught by leg-hold traps or trapping methods that fall short of international standards of humane trapping. There are stringent rules in place to ensure the humane trapping and slaughtering of animals kept for fur production.

Now that the UK has left the EU the Government has retained all the current regulations banning imports of cat and dog fur and seal products from commercial hunts, as well as controls on products from endangered species. Until the end of the transition period it is not possible to introduce additional restrictions on the fur trade, but at the end of that period the UK will have a unique opportunity to ensure we have the highest standards in every area of animal welfare. 

The UK will continue to press for high animal welfare standards worldwide through international forums such as the World Organisation for Animal Health, CITES and others. 

I understand the strength of feeling on this matter in Broxtowe and that many support a banning of all imports of fur products. I will ensure that ministers are aware of the views that have been raised with me.

EXPIRES ON 13.11.20