Campaigning Energy

On the voluntary side of the Conservative Party, Darren has just completed three years as Wiltshire Area Chairman and made it his mission to encourage local activists and Association members to campaign. He ‘rallied the troops’ regularly and had action days to establish voter intentions, surveys, get out the vote and so forth.

Darren said “I have been very busy supporting our councillors and candidates in the Local Government target area of Swindon Borough Council. This year I have campaigned in Swindon nearly every Saturday and did a ‘dawn raid’ on Polling Day. Our hard work paid off as Swindon Conservative Group triumphed against the trend in the Country and raised their majority from 1 to 5 on the Council".

If you would like to campaign with Darren please get in touch in a way that suits you best.


Tel: 08545 672 002

Mobile: 07919 036932

Facebook: @VoteDarrenHenry

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