Campaign Responses

Please find below responses to campaigns which Darren has received which he believes should be available for everyone to see:

Fix Dementia Care

It is vital to increase public awareness and our understanding of dementia and I am encouraged that there are currently over three million Dementia Friends.

Clean Air Quality

I am encouraged by the progress that has already been made to reduce air pollution since 2010. Emissions of nitrogen oxides have decreased by 33 per cent and currently sit at their lowest level since records began. However, there is of course more work to be done.

Agriculture Bill

The Agriculture Bill will see new land management schemes to be introduced in England upon the principle of public money for public goods.

Save British Nature

This Bill will place environmental ambition and accountability at the centre of Government.

COVID-19: Alcohol and Beer Duty

I am pleased with the measures the Government have put in place to help pubs. The Chancellor’s Winter Economy Plan establishes much of the support which will allow pubs to tackle the challenges lying ahead.

Refugee Resettlement

The UK maintains its reputation as a world leader in refugee resettlement. We resettle more refugees than any other European country and are in the top five globally.

Overseas Operations Bill

I wholly appreciate that some individuals have concerns surrounding the incorrect use of the Overseas Operations Bill.

Impact of Coronavirus and Brexit

I understand concerns about the future of your business and employment. The outbreak of the coronavirus has been difficult for business owners and workers across the UK as well as Europe. 


Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

Tackling climate change is a priority for me and my Ministerial colleagues. I am proud that the UK was the first G7 country to legislate to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.  

Better Deal for Animals

I welcome the Government’s clear commitment that future trade agreements will uphold our country’s high animal welfare standards. These standards will not be watered down in pursuit of any trade deal.  

Support For Young People's Mental Health

I share the widespread concern about the impact of coronavirus on young people’s mental health. Specifically, being separated from their peers for such a long period presents serious dangers to mental health, as well as hampering the social development of our young people.